Intelligent strip lights: You Need To Know


If there is something very useful that LED lighting has brought is the intelligent lighting system; and it is now possible to control light levels, colors and even movement. Strip lights are no exception and besides the fact that they are easy to install, you can make them look in many different ways, like the ones you get at

Until a few years ago the idea of being able to control lighting from an electronic device was something you saw only in fiction movies. Today it is a reality due to LED lighting technology that is possible to install in basically any place.

With just a smartphone you can configure the operation of the strip lights with just one click. You will need internet and WiFi connection to do everything, just like any other device, be it the TV, your sound system and more.

LED strip lights allow you to regulate the intensity of the light, choose from hundreds of colors and also create effects. All these functions are very useful and possible thanks to all the advantages offered by the intelligent LED light.

The chromatic range you have access to thanks to the strip lights will surprise you, because you can really combine all your decoration with hundreds of shades.

How are the strip lights controlled remotely?

LED strip lights can be dimmed and controlled remotely and even from your phone. Currently there are many free apps that you can download and use from any device, both Android and iOS operating systems.

Each brand and model has its own instructions, but most smart strip lights connect to the WiFi controller that you will find in the app you have downloaded.

The Benifits of the LED lighting

Smart LED lighting is very versatile, so it is possible to use any smart device, such as phones, tablets, laptops and more, regardless of brand or operating system, so you will only need a good internet connection.

Another advantage is that the vast majority of compatible applications are free. You will probably find some paid applications that have more options, however, the free ones have several functions.

Once you have installed your strip light and paired it with your remote control or WiFi controller on your mobile device they sync, you will need to make sure that both the strip light and your device are connected to the same network.

The mobile apps have a control panel from where you will have access to all the LED lighting functions. The one that has been most popular with users is the color controller, there is an RGB range with hundreds of shades, as well as the traditional monochrome ones.

In addition to the colors and light intensity, from the device you can control the lighting rhythm. You can even synchronize it with the music you are listening to, so they turn on and off to the rhythm of the music you like.

As you can see, LED lights have taken lighting systems to another level, becoming more intelligent, interactive and customizable.


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