How to Clean SPA Facial Towels & Keep them Fresh


Spa towels are a great way to add a luxurious feel to your spa. They’re also great for hanging over the edge of your spa or hot tub so that your clients can dry off after their treatments. However, these towels need to be cleaned regularly in order to keep them fresh and sanitary.

If you don’t want to wash all of your towels at once, then it’s best to use a smaller number of larger towels that can be swapped out as needed. This will help reduce the number of times that you have to wash all of your towels at once.

Here’s how you can clean spa facial towels:

Wash Your White Towels Separate from All other Towels and Clothes

One of the reasons why white towels can get stained is because of the colour. If you have coloured towels mixed in with your white ones, it may be difficult for you to wash out all traces of colour on your white towels. You also want to make sure that your coloured towels don’t bleed onto your white ones as well. This can cause unwanted stains which would require further cleaning. Wash all towels separately so they don’t end up with unnecessary stains that will require extra work from you in order to get them out!

Wash the Towels with Vinegar

When it comes time to wash the towels, you should always try using vinegar instead of detergent when washing them. Vinegar is a natural substance that has been used for thousands of years because it works so well at cleaning things like this without harming them in any way (unlike many commercial cleaning products). Vinegar also helps keep bacteria from growing on your towels too! For this reason alone, you should always consider using vinegar.

Don’t Use Too Much Detergent

While using too much detergent will leave your towel smelling fresh, it can also cause the fibres to break down over time. Soap residue can also make your skin feel dry and irritated. To avoid this problem, wash your spa facial towels with half the recommended amount of detergent recommended by the manufacturer.

Try Laundry Stripping

If you have a lot of stains on your towels, try laundry stripping first before going for any more drastic measures such as bleaching or ironing. It’s easy to do and it doesn’t require much effort either – just soak your towels in hot water with white vinegar overnight and then wash them again with a little bit of detergent and no fabric softener at all. This should get rid of most stains from oil-based products such as hair oils, moisturizers and body oils/butters.

Give Enough Space for the Towels to Dry Well

Your spa facial towels should be hung in a place where they can dry well after washing them. If they are piled up together with other clothes, they may not get enough air circulation which may lead to mildew growth and other bacteria buildup on the fabric surface. You can hang your towels outside so that they can get ample amount of sunlight or use heated towel rails within your house for fast drying.


Even though facial towels are only considered as a small item, there are still some effective ways of ensuring their freshness. The method involves the use of different chemicals that work on the surface and in the inner parts of the facial towel. You can choose to combine these chemicals or just stick to one. Maintenance includes keeping your spa’s water humid by softening it, disinfecting it using chlorine and using neutralizer at the end either by spraying or dipping in it.


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