Discover a Fashion Label From Milan


This fresh and vibrant fashion label is based in Milan, Italy. Founded by an American in 1994, Marco Rambaldi is one of the city’s most promising young designers. Since his debut womenswear collection at the 2014 Milan Fashion Week, he has won several prestigious awards for emerging designers. Today, the designer has a well-established label, and his creative vision is a collision of two worlds. His collections often incorporate dated crafts in a fresh and contemporary way.

This brand is a great example of what can be done with a luxury fashion label from Milan. Gabriele Colangelo, who founded the brand in 2008, was also a lover of art. He started his business as a sketcher before it became a successful fashion label. The designs are a mixture of charm, art and surrealism. The Italian tag on his designs spread globally. The provocative nature of his clothes has won him worldwide recognition.

This luxury fashion label from Milan was founded by three brothers, Donatello, Gianni, and Donatella. The brothers had a close relationship with each other and modeled the brand’s designs since they were children. It is a symbol of glamour, style, and sexiness. The siblings’ love for each other helped them conquer the luxury fashion industry and become one of the “Big Four” fashion capitals. The Italian capital has become known for its pret-a-porter line, which has influenced a number of other fashion labels.

Another fashion label from Milan is Attico, which is a family-run business. The brand’s range is diverse, ranging from high-end clothes to carpets and perfumes. In fact, the company has expanded into luxury hotels and restaurants. And the designer is still only at the beginning of his career. There are other Italian brands that you can discover at the Milan fashion week. So, how can you get the best of both worlds?

The Versace brothers, who founded the fashion label in Milan, have a close relationship with each other. Their close relationship led them to create a style that epitomizes the essence of elegance and sex. Their work, and the work of their siblings, has become a symbol of style and elegance in the luxury fashion industry. The brand has a global presence, and is one of the most popular brands of all time.

There are several fashion labels in Milan that are highly regarded. Armani is an Italian icon, and his brands are popular worldwide. Among these, Attico is a luxury fashion label, and is known as a high-end brand. Its aim is to give people the essence of sex and glamour by incorporating memory and instinct. This brand’s clothing is truly a work of art. With so many designs and styles to choose from, it is impossible not to be tempted by this Italian label.

If you want to be more exclusive and elegant, try a Milan fashion label. Its creations are renowned for being of high quality, and a good example of this is Attico. This brand is a top-end fashion label, but it has a distinctly casual and fun style. For a more laid-back style, the Versace brand is a perfect choice for those who prefer to make a statement with their clothing.

A Milan fashion label is an excellent way to add a little class to your wardrobe. The brand has a rich history, dating back to the Middle Ages. Its founding family, the Versace brothers, were so famous that the word “milaner” – a word that means “fine wares” – was named after the city. Hence, it is not surprising that this Italian brand has branched out into a global empire.

In addition to being a global fashion label, Versace is a global luxury fashion label with roots in Milan. Its founder, Franco Moschino, was an art enthusiast who founded the brand as a sketcher and later turned it into a fashion label. His designs are an excellent example of glamour, style, and sexiness. With his close relationship with his brother, the brothers helped each other conquer the luxury industry, and are regarded as “top models” by women around the world.


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