8 Key Parts of A Disposable Vape Structure


The use of disposable vape structure has picked momentum, especially in the recent past. Disposables are simple to use in comparison to traditional vape kits. Besides, they are more convenient because they come ready for use. In addition, their simple structure makes them user-friendly, giving them an easy-to-go tag. Therefore, you save a lot of time when you use disposables compared to other e-cigars; as a result, most vape users are shifting to disposable vape structures. However, disposables’ convenience is not free since you cannot reuse them.

Critical Parts of A Disposable Vape Structure

The structure of disposable vape structures is not different from other vapes. Here are the critical components of disposable vapes.


At the top of your vape structure, we have the tank. It stores the e-juice, which turns into vapor. Most tanks will come together with the atomizer. Some disposable vape structures will not have tanks made for dripping juices.


A disposable vape structure without an atomizer will not function. The atomizer plays a role in producing vapor. Often than not, atomizers come along with the tank. They are different types of atomizers. The common ones are drip and tank atomizers.


If you need a better personal experience, then the mouthpiece is the most vital part for you. The mouthpiece part comes in different dimensions. Each of these dimensions helps the vape user get different experiences as they are using the vape. For instance, an 810 drip tip is helpful for a vape user who intends to generate a lot of smoke.


Every vaping device needs a power source. Most disposable vape kits use internal batteries. Beginners prefer using vapes with internal batteries, unlike experienced vape users.

Display screen

They are essential, especially for disposable vapes which have controls. You can monitor various components of your device, such as temperature, battery level, and power, through the screen.

Temperature controls

A majority of modern vaping devices have temperature controls. They help you prevent overheating your device. Your device will stop producing flavor if it reaches the temperature limit you had set for it. It will start again once the device cools down. The temperature settings are not fixed, so that you can adjust them to your preferences.

Voltage controls

Modern vapes have voltage controls. You will use these controls to make your vape produce your desired vapor output. High voltage will make your vape produce more vapor. On the other hand, the low voltage will lead to a little fog with a concentrated flavor. If you want to learn new tricks of using vapes, then these controls will become your favorite.

Power button

You will need to switch your vape on and off based on your environment. The power button helps you to do exactly that. Although it is a small part of the vape, it is vital.


Whether you are a newbie in vaping or an experienced vape user, the knowledge of the parts of a vape is essential. It helps you know how to get the maximum benefit out of your disposable vape structure. Although you may already know some parts, it is always good to keep learning.


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