5 Reasons to Revamp Your Basketball Court With Elite X


Elite X is the best choice if the basketball court surface revamps are due. Basketball is a game of nerves and strength. Heavy boots and a sturdy ball continuously stepping on the court’s floor are good enough to wear out the surface.

It is, therefore, important to use a durable option for floor revamping this time. You will find numerous options in the market to do the chore, but it must not be randomly selected. There are reasons supporting the recommendation of Elite X for the above-said purpose.

This blog post educates you on valid reasons for choosing Elite X as a basketball court flooring option. Keep reading to learn more on this topic. But before we go into the details, let’s briefly discuss the nature of a basketball court.

Basketball Court and Revamping

As already discussed, a basketball court gets to see rigorous activities. The floor is constantly subjected to shock, pressure, and other activities of extreme strength. In such situations, a floor experiences wear and tear.

And since the basketball court is a frequently used space, a worn-out floor needs renovation in the first place. We, therefore, recommend Elite X for floor renovation. In the next section, we will further educate you on why you should choose Elite X in particular.

5 Reasons to Revamp the Basketball Court with Elite X

Brilliant Bounce

Understanding the game’s symmetry, a basketball player understands the importance of a floor offering a huge bounce. Elite X thus provides you with a good bounce. The game’s main resource is bouncing a basketball, so Elite X fulfills the main criteria.

Shock Absorbing

Elite X is made according to the latest shock-absorbing technology. The corrugated shock absorber underneath adds resilience and toughness to the floor by improving shock-absorbing capacity. It is also believed to improve the friction between the ground and the tile. Since a basketball court floor is regularly exposed to massive shock, the shock-absorbing technology is a great way to tackle this gracefully.

Non-Slip Service

With a Sun-textured surface, Elite X makes an excellent anti-slip floor tile for the basketball court. Fulfilling one of the mainstream requirements of a brilliant basketball court, Elite X tiles are supremely non-slip. Since stout physical activity is witnessed on the court’s floor, it’s supremely important for the floor to be non-slippery to avoid accidents and, thus, injuries.

All Weather Use

The special make of Elite X tile facilitates the players. The flexible connection design makes it fit for all weather which was a major concern before the Elite X tiles launch.

No Sideways Sliding

Elite X tiles make a floor equipped with a third-generation safety guard. This safety guard ensures the tiles are intact and prevents them from sliding sideways during the game.


A revamp goes in your favor only when it’s sustainable for a longer time. Elite X tiles are the best option to revamp your basketball court floor. They make a great floor with technical features which ensure a good game, a greater surface, and enough floor sustainability.

The shock-absorbing, non-slipping, all-weather-perfect, and bouncy Elite X tiles are thus the ultimate option for revamping the court’s surface.


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